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Dynamics Online
Online Commerce service extends multichannel
commerce scenarios by providing a link between
the ERP products and different e-commerce
opportunities such as business-to-consumer
e-commerce marketplaces, dedicated e-commerce
storefronts or built-in shopping cart functionality.
This enables customers to list products and accept
orders from a multitude of places, all from one
easy-to-use interface
(Microsoft® Amalga™ Hospital Information System)
Amalga™ Hospital Information System (HIS) is a state-of-the-art, integrated hospital information system. It offers different services to clinicians and administrators including laboratory analyzers information management. Different medical hardware can communicate with the HIS reporting various analysis information results. Interfacing between laboratory analyzers and Amalga™ HIS is fundamental to patient safety and the success of many operations performed by Amalga™ HIS. Communication between HIS and analyzers is provided by Device Driver layer. Device Drivers shall comply to the specific device protocols, they can communicate with specific devices and provide received information to other Amalga™ HIS components